Update on our Year 9 Coordinator Tony Selbert on his tennis coaching teaching programs!

28 Mar

We haven't heard about our Year 9 coordinator Tony Selbert for awhile is because late of December 2018. Since 12th of December 2018 he has been applying that programs to become a tennis coaching teacher, during his programs or training last year and this year he has sent us a very special message to all of his students and other students at our college. See below to view what he wrote for us!.

"Dear all of my students.

It's nice to hear that our college has been incredible improving, and I'm also glad that from everyone's worketchic not only for the Year 9's. This message are goes to all of other students. I know I haven't been at school for more than a months, I'm just hoping that they'll will accept and pass this programs with all of my skills and wellbeing to become a tennis coaching teacher but I want to be part time worker if I got accepted. I wish all of the senior student Year 11 and 12 that they will go into a deeper future with themself without any support from their parents, I really wishing that I will be get a higher position in this school to manage our curriculum between staff and students. I'm so happy that I will be back mids of August 2019, Anyways it feels like I'm on vacation away from my incredible students . For the parents of Year 9 students I hope you're not feel scared with the Relief Year 9 coordinator. 

Good luck everyone and wish you all the best!

And bring Courage and Joy with you on your journey students!"

Kind Regards

Rachael Harbourne

Marketing Officer 

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