About SCSA

The Authority

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority is an independent statutory authority that is responsible to the Western Australian Minister for Education. It is administered by a board consisting of seven members appointed for their expertise in education and assessment.

The work of the Authority is supported by a secretariat.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority is responsible for

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority complies with the Western Australian Government's Public Sector Standards. Our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan is available now. Our Workforce and Diversity Management Plan is available upon request.

Conflict of interest

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority complies with the Western Australian Government’s Public Sector Standards. Any potential for a conflict of interest by a board or committee member, secretariat staff or persons completing work for the Authority must be declared.

Please refer to the Conflict of Interest policy and guidelines for further information.


The School Curriculum and Standards Authority logo is a tree of knowledge, representing growth and expansion. The tree is analogous with the growth of the young adult (the stem and crown) whose abilities and qualities are developed from diverse sources of learning through the educational process (the roots). The stem reaches upwards and the crown spreads outwards moving into a future world and its community.

In addition, the design signifies the human brain and the brain stem which communicates with the body’s complex physiological systems. The brain is also the location of memory and knowledge and where the processing of information takes place. It is also believed to hold the secrets of consciousness.

This logo was designed by David Walker.