Hospitality Vet Courses

Hospitality Studies (Secondary) - Cross-institutional study through Central Queensland University (CQU)

Students are able to enrol in any offered mode of a course (on-campus, external or online), regardless of the program mode of study they enrolled in.

This minor is only available to students who are studying the Bachelor of Education.
Hospitality takes place in many areas, including our homes, public spaces and between countries. In Australia, the hospitality industry contributes greatly to social, cultural, economic and entertainment needs. Hospitality operates in commercial fields that provide food and beverage, accommodation and entertainment services for guests or clients. Please refer to the Hospitality Studies Syllabus for further information. Hospitality Studies can only be undertaken as a minor Teaching Area.
Student must already have a Certificate II or III in Hospitality or a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.
Credit may be given for these studies. Please contact the Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts for advice. Email
Students wishing to teach Hospitality studies as a minor Teaching Area must complete a minimum of 5 and maximum of 6 Teaching Area courses. Students beginning in 2014 or later are required to complete at least 6 content courses and 1 Teaching Area specific curriculum and pedagogy course. Once employed, in most schools it would be expected that you could teach: Hospitality Studies and Hospitality Practices in Years 11 - 12
A number of these courses must be taken as cross-institutional courses. Contact the Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts. Email for assistance. Please contact CQU ( for further course information including Course Fees, Residential Schools etc.