College Board

Riley Johnson

College Executive Chairman

Peter Smith

Network College Principal

Olivia Cassidy

Associate Principal, HR and Curriculum Performance

Benjamin Carter

Associate Principal, College Development

James Adler

Associate Principal, Special Education

Jeff Johnson

Associate Principal , Financial Governance

Frederic Adhitama

Associate Principal - College Event Organiser

Jake Smith

Associate Principal, Student Engagement and Support

John Stewart

Associate Principal, Children Protection

Emma Campbell

Manager Corporate Services

Michelle Godlet

Operation Manager

Alex Brett

Year 7 Coordinator

Maria Sassoon

Year 8 Coordinator

Tony Selbert

Year 9 Coordinator

Rachael Harbourne

Marketing Officer

Liam Nelson

Year 10 Coordinator

Nick Anderson

Year 11 Coordinator

Adam Lee

Year 12 Coordinator

Will Dawson

Executive Corporate Officer

Jake Davison

Manager of Commonwealth and Community

Matt Stevenson

Administration Manager

Alison Doyle

VET and Career Coordinator

Jeffrey Anderson

Workplace Learning Coordinator

Alex Stewart

College Officer

Nate Johnson

School Chaplain