22 Dec

Television is ever evolving. While audiences have more ways now than ever to watch it, they also have more ways to engage with it. Now, with social media apps at their fingertips, TV viewers are effectively also TV talkers.

While the numbers are in for the most-viewed shows of 2018, so is the lineup for the most social programs and their talent for the year thanks to Nielsen's Social Content Ratingsmeasurement.

Topping the 2018 most social series programs for the year so far was content of all kinds, from wrestlers battling in the ring to witches battling the apocalypse. The uniting factor among these shows? Their ability to resonate with audiences and provide content they can chat about across social media.

Content with singing, dancing or even magic helped fuel social media chatter this year. Matchmaking shows had folks buzzing, too, all the way until the final roses were handed out. Even a highly-rated TV show of 2018 cracked the list, showing that dramas filled with family, love and a dose of tragedy can attract eyeballs, hearts and likes.

But as much as great content is necessary to garner social media engagement, so are the accounts delivering them. Popular TV talent accounts helped drive social buzz for their programs by tapping into their large fan bases and pushing out content during and around airtimes.

Award shows and talent contests on TV are ripe for social engagement, and a wide range of celebrities and talent capitalized on their opportunities in the fourth quarter of 2018. Cable news personalities generated some of the largest levels of engagement with users during the end of the year as well. Music superstars like Cardi B and Bad Bunny blurred the lines between TV and the music industry, as their accounts also ranked among the top.

The award winners for top Social TV for 2018 are :WWE 

Congrats to them for being a winner this year!

Overall, the bridge between social media and TV continues to open the door for different talent to engage with audiences, from movie stars like Will Smith all the way to TV hosts like Tyra Banks.

Source: Nielsen, 1/1/18 - 12/6/18. Interactions are a measure of total relevant U.S. social media activity grossed across Facebook and Twitter from three hours before through three hours after broadcast, local time. Includes new/live primetime and late fringe telecasts aired on English and Spanish-language broadcast and national cable networks and excludes programs with less than five Telecasts Facebook measurement inclusive of owned activity. Twitter measurement inclusive of owned and organic activity. Due to data delivery issues, episodes aired on the following dates were excluded: for 02/06/18-02/27/18, 06/05/18, 06/06/18.   

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