The next qualification match for title opportunity will be announce before Tuesday Backlash PPV

02 May

On 13 May 2019 we are going announce an qualifications match to all of the  superstars from all of brands whether is from Monday Night Wrestling Entertainment , Cruiserweight Tuesday Wrestling and Thursday Night Wrestle. This events are all about those who hasn't had a shot for the title with the current championship holders, It such an wonderful offer from us to them & Please see all of the following names of the superstars that will be participate in this contest down below:

- Alan "the greatest" Johnson (Monday Night Wrestling Entertainment) 

- John Alexis Noah (Monday Night Wrestling Entertainment)

- Nate Allan Stewart (Cruiserweight Tuesday Wrestling) 

- "the space moon man" Alex Johnathan Smith (Thursday Night Wrestle) 

- Riley Anderson (Cruiserweight Tuesday Wrestling) 

- Nicholas Buckert ( Monday Night Wrestling Entertainment)

The last person standing end of battle royal will be announce the winners of the contest and they will go to the round two where they choose which champion he or she wants to face at Tuesday Backlash! 


Monday Night Wrestling Entertainment Staff


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