Professional Learning Program

04 Oct

Professional Learning Program

Safety and Respect Online

This program includes three hours of professional learning through live webinar participation and the completion of a quiz.

All teachers, and related staff, who complete the program will receive a summative infographic containing key learnings and a participation certificate.

To participate in Safety and Respect Online, register to attend each of the webinar topics during 2018 listed below.

After participating in all three (50min) webinars, you will be able to access a 30 minute quiz to complete the three hours of activity. Please note participants must connect via the website or phone app to ensure their attendance is registered for completion and accreditation.

Please note that certificates of partial completion will not be provided, for example to teachers who have only participated in one of the three webinars, but personal records may be used to support the PD with any teacher association.

Course Contents

Respect and Online Relationships

By the end of the module teachers will be able to:

  • discuss and identify relationships and behaviours that may lead to harm
  • identify teaching strategies and policies to encourage respectful online relationships, including:
  • personal and social capacity building and
  • techniques to assist in managing emotions and building an understanding of online resilience.

To able to do this course visit eSafety Commisioner website by clicking on the following link to their website:

* The email will not be published on the website.