Olivia Cassidy has successfully regained her Women's Championship back on her shoulder

29 Nov

Today is a special day for Olivia Cassidy Because she has once again become two time Women's Champion, she has defeated Sofia Cunningham which was her opponent before and now today she finally defeat her anger against her match with Cunningham today. As you may already be aware that Cassidy wasn't be medically cleared for her match for the Women's Championship couple weeks ago but she got her role back but she wasn't a real champ back then. Today now Olivia has regained her power against the most hated opponent Sofia Cunningham, Cunningham has also been holding to that Women's Championship title for 10 days and that is the shortest title reign we ever heard 

But now Cassidy officially called the real fighting champ Queen she will keep the title as long as she can this time and no one can stop her from keeping her precious title that she was wishing but then her dreams has comes true. Now Olivia Cassidy will put into the Record Books and change the name from Sofia Cunningham to Olivia Cassidy - The Real Fighting Champ 

Congrats Olivia!

C= Champion

Upcoming Event on Christmas Slam 2018

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Intercontinental Championship rematch: Alex Stewart (C) vs John Smith (December 28,2018)

Universal Championship match: Adam Anderson (C) vs Steve Scott 

(December 28,2018)

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