Message from Head of Learning for Integrated Curriculum and Days Revealed for Tuition Lesson only for School Holidays weeks!

19 Mar

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my privilege and honour to announce this special and exciting news  for student who partake this programs. I just received an email from Tuition centre and they said that they are available to come into our school and take a tuition lesson during those School Holidays weeks. They are available in April 14 until April 23 2019. During those 1 and a half weeks of holidays those student who partake this programs will still attend school during those following dates and days, This programs just launched from late last week friday. Student may wish to enter from the back gates but the Back Gates will not open during the school holidays season, The front gate will be open from the Morning and until to the Afternoon where the season will be finished for the day. Student in Year 11 and 12 who partake this program they may wish to finished early than others 

Thanks for all of you attention and listening!

Best Wishes

Frederic Adhitama

Head of Learning- Integrated Curriculum 

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