Message from Former United States Champions Damian Miller & Current General Manager

02 Feb

" I am very pleased to hear that we have a new champion and finally have someone that can act or play in important role, During Monday Night Entertainment ( Wrestling Show) I was there to see who wins the match and earned the title from winning the Fatal 4 ways match. You all may already know that I have elected as New General Manager of the show. The reason I relinquish the title is because I was elected as a new General Manager during the United States Championship were Vacant . All of other 4 superstars came up to me and asking me for a request for a Match for the Vacant Title . Also I wanna mentioned that every superstars are extremely talented, For 2019 I want to make a new goals for the Audience and the fans i have worked so hard to make this match happened and finally It's happened the goals for this year are to make a successful year for all of the Superstars and make their future successful. This year is gonna be a entertainment and fun year for us and the Audience. Finally I had the chances to take the show in charge, the shows are still in the same days every monday of the weeks. I was surprised that we have a lot of title defenses match is because I gave them a opportunity to be the best one and I am proud of every single superstars sportmanships since the starts of new year's day 

Last Year in 2018 I reviews end of the year match I see a lots of dramas last year in 2018, I'm just hoping that this year won't be that lots of dramas as last year"

What will the Monday Night Entertainment General Manager, Damian Miller has to say next monday!

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