Letter from our Principal Peter Smith regarding to Term 3 Commencement

13 Jul

Dear Students, Parents and Staff,

I am writing this letter to inform you about Term 3 Commencement this year during this Coronavirus pandemic crisis. We at school doing different and modified curriculum. Term 3 is going to be much different and that's including with our students with Special Needs. Students with Special Needs or in a Special Needs class at a Mainstream School can go ahead. We are following from what currently happening in Victoria where the Hotspots is at. I am not forcing my students to be the top students, I am just enforcing this rules of Term 3 will look like when we returns. Term 3 is a final term for our Year 12 Students they need to finish off their Exams and other courses they are currently attend. By the end of Term 3 they will finish their Secondary Schooling for 6 years. 

Secondly, All students are encourage to attend school have a Satisfactory Attendance records. I also want to discuss about earlier of Term 2 the behavior and attendance of the students has been excellent. Students needs support with their classwork we can also provide an Education Assistant from their parents approval. I understand that this COVID-19 crisis affect our students emotion to build up Anxiety and Anger. I suggest they seek support at school or see an Psychologist outside of school. 

Yesterday afternoon I made this reminder to let you know that there is going to be some changes when Term 3 is back on again. 

Lastly, since it's still the school holidays I would like to tell you all that the newer dates for Term 3 is going to be Tuesday, 22, July 2020. The reason I moved the dates 1 day earlier is because since we have Special Needs students at our school.

Thank you for your participation and hope this letter is helpful. 

Kind regards,

Peter Smith

College Principal

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