James Adler & Michael Gillespie def Tag Team Champions Jay Nelson & Nate Steve and Become New Tag Team Champions

08 May

Last night match was an exciting one to see between Adler & Gillespie and their rivalries Jay Nelson & Nate Steve. They battle it out and also their get an early gift before their match was scheduled for Tuesday Backlash PPV, I guess that match are finished for now but Can Michael Gillespie & James Adler leads their way in a tag team division or will they put a open challenges not for the title at Tuesday Backlash for a winner of Battle Royale night before Tuesday Backlash. They will battle anyone who get into their ways. What basically happened was Michael and James had a plan for them that beat them and become new tag team champion also they are 2 times tag team champions while them two are 1 time tag team champion. 

What will or who will challenges the Tag Team Champions James Adler & Michael Gillespie at Tuesday Backlash from the winner of battle royale not for the titles!

Congrats New Tag Team Champions James Adler & Michael Gillespie 

Thank you

Cruiserweight Tuesday Wrestling Staff

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