How to Prepare For The First Day of School

21 Jul

The first day of school can help set the tone for the whole year and it’s totally normal to feel some nervous jitters. But there’s plenty you can do to keep from stressing out and make your first day a killer one. Spend some time preparing, and you’ll thank yourself for it later. If your new year involves some remote learning, or if it’s entirely virtual, it’s okay to feel a little anxious about it. But even if you’re learning from home, there’s plenty you can do to help your first day go more smoothly.

Preparing the Night Before

Lay out your clothes and school supplies. Pick out your outfit, or gather your school uniform and lay it out beside your bed so you can quickly get dressed and don’t have to scramble to find clothes. Spend some time choosing clothes that will make you feel confident and make sure they’re clean and ready to go. Pack your school supplies into your backpack so you can grab it and go.

  • If you have to wear a school uniform, use accessories to add your own style to your look. Jewelry like necklaces or bracelets can really brighten up your uniform. Just make sure it’s not against the rules.
  • Be sure to follow your school's dress code, even if you don't have uniforms. You don't want to get in trouble on your first day!

Figure out how you’re getting to school tomorrow. Decide if you’re going to be taking the school bus, if a friend or their parent is going to pick you up, or if your parents are going to drop you off so you can organize. Don’t wait until the last minute to organize your ride. 

  • If you live close enough, you may be able to walk or ride a bicycle to school.
  • Riding the bus allows you to talk to other students and make some friends.
  • You could also join a carpool so you can ride to school with your friends.

Clean your room so it’s organized when you get home. It’s always nice to come back home to a clean and organized room, so spend some time tidying up the night before so you can relax and de-stress after your first day. Clear off your desk, put your clothes away, and run a vacuum over your carpet so your room is organized and clean. You’ll also have an organized space to help you study during the school year. 

  • You might be surprised by how much clutter and junk you’ve accumulated during your summer break.
  • Spray some air freshener so it smells nice as well.
  • If you’re stressed or nervous, cleaning your room can help release some of your anxiety.

Set 2 alarms 10 minutes apart so you’re sure to wake up. Give yourself plenty of time to get up and get yourself ready for your first day by setting an alarm for about an hour before you need to get to school. Set 2 alarms on your clock or phone so you don’t sleep through or snooze the first one and wake up late. 

  • Choose alarms that are loud and will definitely wake you up.
  • Try placing your alarm across the room so you have to get up to turn it off, which can help keep you from falling back asleep.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep so you’re well-rested. Go to bed early enough to give yourself a full night’s rest so you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Avoid distractions like smartphones, TV, or video games at least 30 minutes before you go to bed to help yourself fall asleep faster. 

Getting enough sleep is even more important if you're 16 or younger! Your body needs more time to rest while it's still growing.

  • If you’ve been staying up late all summer, try going to bed earlier during the week before school starts to reset your sleep schedule.
  • Read a book if you’re having trouble falling asleep. You’ll start to naturally feel tired.

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