Helpful Resources to Share With High School Graduates

09 Aug

The last few weeks of high school are an exciting time for students. It's a whirlwind of graduation parties and festivities, topped by the graduation ceremony itself. But it can also be overwhelming.

Whatever path a student is considering, college or career, the summer after high school is the perfect time to start planning for the road ahead. I've gathered some resources you can share with students that are fun, easy-to-use and offer guidance for what lies ahead. They're organized by topic.

  1. Planning Your Career Path and Major: Although seniors have likely contemplated their major or have a plan for entering the workforce, it never hurts for them to start thinking about a five-year plan. Here are some resources for generating ideas and planning:
  2. Financial Planning and Scholarships: I remember how overwhelming it was when I started researching financial aid, scholarships, and student loans. Each of these resources includes great information about securing financing for college and budgeting:
  3. Getting Ready to Live On Your Own: Whether its a dorm or a first apartment, living on your own is certainly one of the biggest changes after high school. Along with the freedom comes a lot more responsibility. Here are some fun resources that can help students prepare:
  4. Write Your Resume: By senior year, many students have been introduced to resume writing. But once they've graduated, it's an important skill to master. For students entering the workforce and also for incoming freshmen, a well-written resume can open a lot of doors.
  5. Spend Some Time Preparing Mentally for College or a Job: Of course, graduates should enjoy the summer after high school. But it only lasts a short time. They should also remember to spend some time getting ready for the next chapter.

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