20 Dec

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 11 Students

Re: GCSE Study Leave, GCSE Exams Protocol and GCSE Results Day

As the GCSE exams approach may I say how proud we are of our Year 11 students and how they have risen to the challenges this year for the new GCSE. As the season of Exams approaches I would like to clarify a few important areas.

GCSE Study Leave

The actual GCSE exams commence on 14 May 2018 with the big English and Maths exams starting in the week commencing 21 May 2018. This year we will start study leave on the afternoon of Friday 25 May 2018, which is the last day of the half term. Prior to this date, Year 11 students will follow their normal timetable.

After half-term they will only be expected in school for their actual exams. They will of course be welcome to come into school to revise and seek support from individual subject staff but they must sign in at Reception first and must be in full, correct uniform.

Pre-booster sessions will take place before all exams and subject staff will inform students of these accordingly. Half-term and Easter revision sessions are also taking place and students should be aware of these.

Students can collect a personal Exam Timetable from their Tutor, during Tutor Time, after the Easter break.

GCSE Protocol

Throughout the exam period students must be in full, correct uniform and be fully equipped for all exams. Pencil cases, if used, must be clear plastic. The only permitted technology is a calculator if required. Phones/i-watches must not be taken in to exams. All wrist watches worn into exams must be taken off and placed on the desk. They may bring a drink (water/squash, nothing fizzy) in a clear, unlabelled bottle. All information is available on our school website and is in accordance with the JCQ regulations for external exams.

GCSE Results Day

The GCSE results will be released to students on Thursday 23 August 2018. On this day students can collect their results from school between 10.00-12.00 only. More details will be available on the website nearer the time.

GCSE Certificates

Please remind your son/daughter to collect their GCSE certificates, which will be available for collection from the Examinations Officer during the week beginning 25 November 2019.

GCSE Signing out day

At the end of their individual exams, may we ask that students return their locker keys and any text books belonging to the school to the KS4 office to Mr Stewart (College Officers) .

May I end by wishing all our students a positive few months and please do not hesitate to ask if your son or daughter needs any support with their revision or any other particular concern over the next few weeks and months.

Thanking you for your support over the years.


Yours sincerely

Mr Peter Smith


20 December 2018

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