Frederic Adhitama Def Peter Smith to become New WWE Champion

03 Jun

What a surprisingly results for the blue brands, Today we saw a dreams match for Peter Smith and Frederic Adhitama for their WWE Championship clash but this match was requested for Frederic. He has defeated his opponent of his dream of all, At the end of the day he finally become a first champion in Wrestling History.

During the match Smith & Adhitama he was in a serious danger by got hit in the face from Smith then Adhitama got back up on his feet and defence back against Smith, Smith has nothing to defence himself when Adhitama brutalize him very bad.

At the end of the match Frederic finally bring the WWE Championship to the Tuesday Night Cruiserweight 

What will the New WWE Champion Frederic Adhitama has to say Tomorrow Night!

New WWE Champion: Frederic Adhitama

Former WWE Champion: Peter Smith

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