Centrecare Ten Top Tips

05 Nov

Here you will find Centrecare’s Ten Top Tips for dealing with issues you may be experiencing in your relationships or with work colleagues, teenagers, young children or extended family. These tips can also help you to manage anger, separation/divorce or problems with gambling or drugs plus many more issues that you may be faced with.

These tips are designed to provide you with some ideas to consider about how you could approach a situation that you, your family members or friends may be dealing with. However, these tips are not to be considered as an immediate or final solution to problems, but rather a resource you can draw from.


We would recommend that you seek counselling or other support services if you are not able to resolve your problem or would like to find out more about how you can apply some of these tips to your situation.

Please click the links below to open or download the PDF's.

when being a parent of a small child is not easy
when dealing with drugs and teens
when living with an unhappy teen
when talking with your teenager 
when living with teenagers
when teens want to improve communication with their parents
when coping with a critical or traumatic incident
when you have experienced a loss
when women want to reclaim control over their lives
when men want to stop being abusive towards their partners and families
when you want to control your anger
when people in relationships want to communicate more effectively
when you want to get along better with other people
when resolving conflict
when you want a better body image
when you want a healthy spiritual life
when you want healthy relationships
when you're feeling down
when you need to manage stress
when you have a gambling problem
when you need to manage and survive separation and divorce
when you want to remain in your rental accommodation
when we need to bring out the best in workplace colleagues
when dealing with challenging patients - GPs
when dealing with challenging patients - Nurses

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