About OLNA Support

01 Mar

What is OLNA?

The Online Literacy and Numeracy test or OLNA is a multi-choice computer based test designed to assess students for a minimum standard required for higher education and the workforce. There are three different components of the OLNA test; Reading, Writing and Numeracy. If students do not meet the minimum standard required after their first test, they are required to sit the test again in the next round. To complete the OLNA requirements, students must achieve the standard in all three tests but not necessarily at the same time. Once a student has met the minimum standard in one area they do not have to complete that test again but they will have to complete the other components, for example; a student may achieve the minimum standard in Reading and Writing but they may have to repeat the Numeracy test until they meet the standard.

Who has to sit the OLNA test?

Students will not have to sit the OLNA test if they have already achieved “band 8” or above in their Year 9 NAPLAN test (National Assessment Program- Literacy and Numeracy). Students experience the OLNA test for the first time in Year 10 and they are given two opportunities each year to achieve the standard (typically in March and September). Students who do not meet the standard in Year 10 will be allowed to make another two attempts at the test or tests required in Year 11 and a final two attempts in Year 12 (for a total of six attempts).

Why has the OLNA test become important?

The OLNA test was established in 2014 and has since been tied to graduation. At present, students who do not meet the minimum standard required for OLNA will not receive a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) which means they will not be eligible to be considered for University Entry in Year 12.

Students who did not meet the minimum standard to achieve OLNA competency during Year 12 can sit the OLNA test at any time after Year 12 has been completed. At present, there is no maximum number of attempts.

The OLNA Support Website and the actual OLNA test

This website is in no way directly affiliated with the SCSA (School Curriculum and Standards Authority) or the OLNA test itself. This OLNA Support website will include Skill builders and Practice quizzes which look like tests but they have no direct impact on the OLNA test itself. Completing the Practice tests or Skill Builders on this website does not mean you, or your student, have met the minimum standards required to achieve the OLNA test. This website is designed to aid students and facilitate their learning so they have every opportunity to complete the OLNA test.

How does the OLNA Support Website help students to achieve the standards in OLNA.

This website includes three distinct sections of support which are designed to deal with each of the three tests available in OLNA. You can choose to gain access to one test or purchase the package to gain access to all three support options. Each option is based on the original OLNA test and will aid students by presenting similar problems, stimulus or questions to increase familiarity and facilitate learning of the skills being tested. All sections of this website have been designed to familiarise students with the expectations of the OLNA test and its formatting to give them every opportunity to achieve the standards required.

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