About Caversham Wildlife Park

03 Feb

Caversham Wildlife Park; A Western Australian family owned and operated tourist highlight.

David & Pat own and operate Caversham Wildlife Park with their son David & daughter Debbie.
When they purchased the park in 1988, the park housed a small collection of animals and birds on a modest 5 acre (2ha) property. A few years later, the park doubled in size, when the family purchased the adjoining property and the collection started to boom. In May 2003, the family designed and built a new park in Whiteman Park, once again, more than doubling in size.

The park is home to about 200 species, and more than 2000 head of animals, birds and reptiles. This impressive collection makes CWP the largest privately owned collection of native wildlife in Western Australia. The park is the premiere development of its kind in Western Australia, attracting visitors from all over the world.

CWP pride themselves on their unique interactive experiences with Australia’s most interesting animals, without being commercialised. CWP is a world-class attraction whilst maintaining the laid-back Aussie touch.

Visitors receive personalized service by wildlife professionals who are dedicated to exceptional service, ensuring their visitors receive the best opportunities for animal interaction, information and photographs.

As a local, WA family owned and operated business, we do not receive any assistance from the Government, so we are sincerely thankful to our patrons for assisting us to care for our unique Australian wildlife. We have very proudly owned CWP for 30 years, and with continued visitor support, we endeavour to continue providing a world-class facility for all to enjoy.

Pat, Dave, David & Deb


Whiteman Park is a Recreation & Conservation Reserve, that is approximately 4300 hectares; that’s about 10 times larger than Kings Park. 

While in Whiteman Park, don’t forget to visit the other attractions:

  • Heritage Tram Rides
  • Vintage Train Rides
  • Motor Museum of WA
  • Tractor Museum of WA
  • Revolutions Transport Museum
  • Whiteman Explorer
  • Print Shop
  • Pottery Centre
  • Handcraft Centre
  • Lolly Shop

There are also a variety of children’s amusements, including numerous playgrounds, a paddling pool and bouncy castle. Whiteman Park is home to a number of tranquil bushwalk and cycle trails. There are approx 70 BBQ and picnic areas inside Whiteman Park. There is also a licensed cafe, for dine in or take away lunches. 

Feel free to wander over to Whiteman Park at any time throughout the day, and then return into Caversham Wildlife Park later – our friendly shop staff will provide you with a pass-out stamp.

For further information, please contact Whiteman Park – 9209 6000 or visit their website.



Caversham Wildlife Park is a wildlife park currently located in Whiteman Park in Western Australia.

It was originally located in the locality of Caversham.

It shifted into Whiteman Park in 2003.

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