A Message from Head of Learning Integrated Curricula Frederic Adhitama about his Birthdays!

30 May

"Dear to all my friends & students

Today is a special day for me it's because my 16 birthday and I wanna thank all of the staff at Network College for supporting me since my previous role as Associate Principal got removed & I'm back on a regular learning environment now but I have to do what it takes, I wanna wish all of my students to be successful in every way they can achieve but if they can't do it today there's a plenty time to accomplished the goals. Right now as my birthday present I get to take Long Leave Service for 1 months. Our Year 9 Coordinator Tony Selbert will be back in couple of months. I cannot believe that today is my day to be happy for once  I never been this happy before is because everyone are wishing  me very best to be a very successful Head of Learning Integrated Curricula.

For now I wish all of a goodluck with your studies & my students wish you all the best for your assessment that are coming up in couple of weeks from now! "

We want wish Frederic Adhitama for his massive milestone birthday & It's been awhile he joined us at Network College!

- Network Secondary College Staff

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