7 key tips to creating a psychologically safe & mentally healthy workplace

10 Apr

The most recent Key Work Health and Safety Statistics done by Safe Work Australia showed that Australia is falling behind a number of countries in terms of work place fatality rates. 

This got us thinking! Might it be of the different industry structures across these countries? How many coal mines do other countries actually have as compared to Australia? Could it be something ‘cultural’?

 Whichever was the case, Australia has set itself targets to work towards a low number of fatality rate in the workplace. Whether you’re from a construction, mining, oil & gas, energy, utilities, transport, emergency services or other industry, it is everyone’s responsibility within the workplace to create and contribute to a psychologically safe working environment.


7 key tips to creating a psychologically safe & mentally healthy workplace

  • Pay attention. Keep an eye on your team members’ workload and signs of stress. Do they seem overburdened? Are you noticing a shift in their personality? Take some time to sit down with them, and try to adjust their workload if they seem unfairly burdened.
  • Be flexible. Work commitments and home life challenges can collide to create the perfect storm for employees. However, flexible hours, telecommuting policies and compressed work weeks can be effective ways to boost employee job satisfaction and productivity while reducing stress.
  • Empower and challenge. Give employees the appropriate authority to do their job and make decisions that are logically within their scope.
  • Recognise. Acknowledge a job well done whenever possible. When employees feel acknowledged and appreciated, it can make a big difference to their state of mind at work.
  • Be fair. Exercise fairness in all aspects of leadership.
  • Promote respect in the workplace. Every employee deserves the right to be respected in the workplace and should feel respected on the job.
  • Be supportive. Has an employee come to you with issues they’re experiencing on the job? Or are you aware of an employee who is experiencing a mental health concern? If so, be responsive and supportive.
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