Our Former Year 12 student that graduated last year she has made an Incredible stories about being a uni student on the fist day of University and That this she had to say

My feelings in first days at university

Changes can make people overwhelm with the newness of the situation. Moving from a high school to a university is one of the largest changes of my life. In this page, I will tell you about some obstacles and negative feelings in my first days at university and how I managed to overcome these things and settled in the university life.

At first, I was very excited, since I finally made it to the university that I had always dreamed about. Also, I had heard many rumors that life in university was very fun and full of freedom, so I was looking forward to my first university class. However, everything was not like what I had heard, and things started to get worse after my first class.

Studying in a university was full of pressure. In class, the professors talked quite fast, and I had to note down necessary things by my own. If I did not read the text books at home, so it would be very hard for me to follow the lectures and understand the lessons. Moreover, I was so overwhelmed by the workload that I had with many individual assignments, group works and research. Also, besides the academic requirement, I had to meet the requirement of extra activities. All these things made me felt so stress and depressed.

Friendship was another important issue in my university life. In university, students usually took various courses in one semester, so it was normal that they studied with different classmates in different courses. Although I met new people every day, almost none of them actually became my friend because we did not spend much time talking to each other besides the introduction about ourselves. Sometimes, I met some nice people, and we had pleasant conversations. However, after that, we could not meet for a week because of our very different schedule.­ Also, I could not keep track with my high school friends anymore, and they already move on and had fun with their university friends. I was so lonely and frustrated. Luckily, I lived with my parents, so I did not have to deal with the homesickness. If I did not have my family by my side, I could have fallen into the abyss of loneliness.

Fortunately, I finally made things better. First, I tried to calm myself down and asked for advices from some of my professors. Thank to their help, I could manage my time better and got all the works finished smoothly. Also, I participated in some clubs that suited my personal interests such as Manga club and handmade club. By participating in club activities, I could make friends with other students that shared the same interests with me and got some credit on my extra activities report. Moreover, I joined in my university social network on the internet. This network was very helpful, since we could make friends and shared our knowledge and experiences.

When I eventually managed to settle myself in university life, I found that it is enjoyable. There is a quote that “No one makes a lock withoutkey; that's why God won't give you problems without solutions.” Negative feeling in first days at university is not a serious problem without solutions. Keep calm and try to deal with it, and then the problem can soon be solved. 

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Your Sincerely

Hope Speak

Former Year 12 Student